Eric Trump Joins Nigel Farage in Defending Trump Jr.: ‘They Can’t Stand That We Are Extremely Close’

Earlier today, Donald Trump Jr. blew up the media cycle by taking to Twitter to release his email exchange with Rob Goldstone revealing that he arranged a meeting last year with a Russian attorney for the express purpose of getting dirt on Hillary Clinton from the Russian government. This comes in the wake of a weekend’s worth of damning reports in the New York Times and it also appears he dumped the email chain in order to beat another bombshell story.

At today’s White House briefing, deputy press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders delivered a short statement from President Donald Trump in which the president praised his son’s “transparency.” Well, it looks like we have another reaction from a Trump family member.

This afternoon, British politician and Trump loyalist Nigel Farage tweeted out a radio segment of him defending Trump Jr., claiming he was under attack because he was a staunch supporter of his father.

Trump Jr’s younger brother Eric Trump then tweeted out Farage’s video, adding that he agreed with the message and that the family’s enemies attack them because they are close and support each other.

Fox News will air an exclusive interview with Donald Trump Jr. on tonight’s broadcast of Hannity. In a preview, Trump Jr. told Sean Hannity that he took the meeting so he could “hear them out.”

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