Chris Cuomo and Gaetz Battle Over Russia Probe: Mueller’s ‘More Republican Than You’ve Been on Your Best Day!’

Katy Tur on Trump’s CPAC Claim About ‘Russia, If You’re Listening…’ Line: No, He Wasn’t Joking

‘These People Are Sick’: Trump Mocks Media for Coverage of His ‘Russia, If You’re Listening…’ Comments at CPAC

WATCH: Mueller Witness Randy Credico and the Dog Roger Stone Threatened Get Stopped on Street by MSNBC

WATCH LIVE: Michael Cohen Testifies Against Trump in Congressional Hearing

Mediaite’s Colby Hall Analyzes Don Jr. Dismissing Mueller Probe as a ‘Farce’ on Fox & Friends

Rep. Adam Schiff Says He is ‘Absolutely’ Prepared to Sue Trump Administration Over Mueller Report

MSNBC’s Ari Melber Grills Andrew McCabe: The Rosenstein Memo is ‘Not the Whole Story’ … is It?

Chris Cuomo Says Trump and Co. Lied About Russia; Kellyanne Conway Says ‘Not Me, I Have No Exposure’

Jeffrey Toobin: It’s ‘Bizarre and Perhaps Sinister’ That Trump Takes Advice From Putin

After Dodge and Weave, Adam Schiff Sort of Says He’ll Accept Mueller Report Even if it Finds No Collusion

The View Tees Off on Senate Intel Finding No Collusion: What Do They Need, a ‘Hello Vladimir’ Phone Call?

MSNBC Stunned by Intel Committee News: ‘Trump Will Claim Vindication…And He’ll be Partially Right’

Democrat Rep. Tells CNN He ‘Believes Whitaker is Lying’ Under Oath About Conversations with Trump

Schiff Hits Back at Trump Slamming Investigations and Calling Him a Hack: Oversight ‘Terrifies’ Him

Rachel Maddow’s Narrative on Don Jr.’s ‘Blocked Calls’ Disappeared. She Forgot to Tell Her Audience.

Rachel Maddow Theorizes Russian Attack on Power Grid During Polar Vortex: ‘What Would You and Your Family Do’

Pro-Russian Twitter Account Used Non-Public Info from Mueller Team to Launch Disinformation Campaign

Adam Schiff Wants Mueller to Look Into Don Jr. Testimony for Possible ‘Perjury Prosecution’

Cohen Advisor Lanny Davis Says Client May Bail on Testimony Thanks to Witness Intimidation by Trump: ‘Family is Out of Bounds!’

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