Trump Reportedly Went Off on McConnell for Not Doing More to ‘Protect Him’ on Russia Probe

Bill Maher Challenges Gavin Newsom for Calling the Russia Issue a ‘Loser’ for Democrats

Assange Reportedly Willing to Deliver Proof Russia Didn’t Hack DNC In Exchange For WH Press Credentials

Top Investigator Reportedly Leaves Robert Mueller’s Russia Probe

Trump Campaign Adviser Reportedly Tried to Set Up Several Meetings With Putin, Russian Officials

Bill Maher Blasts Democrats for Soft Russia Probe Rhetoric: ‘Don Jr.’s a Traitor Already!’

Ana Navarro and Nan Hayworth Go At It: ‘Since You’re Doing More TV Now, Let Me Give You a Pro Tip’

Paul Manafort Reportedly Tipped Off Congress to Don Jr. Russia Meeting

Trump Thanks Putin For Ordering 755 US Diplomats Out of Embassy: ‘We’re Trying to Cut…Payroll’

U.S. Diplomats in Cuba Suffer Severe Hearing Loss After Attack From ‘Covert Sonic Device’

Paul Manafort’s Home Raided By The FBI

Bill O’Reilly Sends Out Weird Tweet About Putin ‘Vacationing Topless’: ‘Have a Blast, Vlad’

The FBI Was Reportedly Tracking Potential Russian ‘Fake News’ on Election Day

Maxine Waters Says Special Counsel Will Deliver: ‘I Have My Hopes for Mueller’

Chris Cuomo and Kellyanne Conway Spar Over Russia Probe, CNN’s Coverage

CNN Panel Rips Trump For Pro-Russia Speech: ‘As if He’s Watching RT Before He Goes Out’

Trump Calls For ‘Prosecutors’ to Investigate Hillary Prompting ‘Lock Her Up’ Chant

Steve Schmidt Delivers Scorching Trump Criticism: White House is ‘In a State of Meltdown’

Jay Sekulow on Grand Jury: ‘We Have No Reason to Believe That The President is Under Investigation’

Twitter Reacts to News of Grand Jury Being Impaneled in Russia Probe: ‘The Smoke Keeps Getting Thicker’

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