BREAKING: Mueller Asks For No Prison Time in Michael Flynn Sentence Memo, Citing ‘Substantial Assistance’

On Fox News Sunday, Ben Cardin Slams WH for ‘Too Much Interference’ in Mueller Probe

Jerry Nadler Accuses Trump of Knowing About Cohen Cover-Up: ‘We Have a President Who Lies Incessantly’ 

Mattis Rips ‘Slow Learner’ Putin: ‘He Tried Again to Muck Around in Our Elections’

Pompeo Dismisses Suggestion Trump Cancelling Putin Meeting Had Anything to Do With Cohen: ‘Wholly Unfounded’

Sarah Sanders to Reporters: Russia Meeting Canceled Over Ukraine, Not Mueller

Dan Abrams: Why is Everyone in Trump’s World ‘Distancing Themselves From Russia?

The Best Evidence Trump is Guilty in the Russia Probe is Still His Reaction to It

Fox News’ Judge Napolitano: Seems Like Mueller’s Ready to Give Us ‘Road Map’ Between Russia and Trump Team

WATCH: Nikki Haley Unloads on ‘Arrogant’ and ‘Outrageous’ Russian Aggression Against Ukraine

Trump Accuses Mueller of ‘Conflicts of Interest’ in Explosive Tweet: ‘NO Collusion & Mueller Knows It!’

Trump Mocks Rep. Adam Schiff as ‘Little Adam Schitt’

New AG Nominee Matthew Whitaker Said Mueller Probe Going ‘Too Far’ … in August … Last Year

Dana Rohrabacher’s Potential Loss Briefly Brings the World Together as Londoners Celebrate

Dan Abrams Clashes With Hannity Over Russia Probe: ‘You Really Want to Live or Die on the Carter Page Hill?’

NBC News’ Ken Dilanian: Clinton Email Server ‘Irresponsible’ But Trump Cell Phone Report ‘10,000 Times Worse’

DOJ Charges Russian National With Attempting to Interfere in Midterms

MSNBC’s Bret Stephens Rips ‘King Donald’ and Sons Over Russia, Saudi Arabia: Don Jr. ‘Happens to be an Idiot’

Fox Business’ Trish Regan Presses Trump on Helsinki After Past Criticism: ‘I Wondered Why You Weren’t Tougher’

Hillary Clinton Fires Back at Trump Claims She Colluded: ‘You Asked Russia to Hack Me on National Television’

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