Hillary Clinton Fires Back at Trump Claims She Colluded: ‘You Asked Russia to Hack Me on National Television’

NBC Reporter: Could Be ‘Huge Repercussions’ If Trump’s Declassifying Docs Over Objections of Intel Agencies

Trump Orders Declassification of FISA Docs, Release of Russia Probe Texts From Strzok, Page, and Others

Bob Woodward Thinks the Answer to the Russia Collusion Story is in Russia

Russians Accused in Skripal Poisoning Tell RT They Were in UK For Sightseeing

Trump Cites ‘Failing New York Times’ Article to Exonerate Himself From Russian Political Meddling

Maher: If the GOP’s Going to ‘Merge’ with Russia, Maybe the Democrats Should Try Something Similar

Cohen Attorney Lanny Davis: CNN’s Anonymous Sources Were Wrong About Trump Tower Claim

John Bolton Says Russia Refused Joint Statement Over Disagreements on Election Meddling

At Geneva Presser, BBC Reporter Asks National Security Advisor John Bolton if Donald Trump Is a Security Risk

Facebook Takes Down Political Influence Campaigns Operating in Russia, Iran Before Midterms

Microsoft: Russian Military Intel Tried to Hack Senate, Conservative Think Tank Websites

Morning Joe Contributor: No Question Trump Campaign Colluded With the Russians

John Brennan Hits Back in Scathing Op-Ed: Trump’s Claims of No Collusion ‘Hogwash’

CNN’s Focus Group of Trump Voters Clashes Over Trump-Putin Summit: ‘He Threw America Under the Bus’

Morning Joe on Trump Tower Meeting: Everything You Heard from Every White House Representative Was a Lie

Did Trump Just Admit Attempted Collusion? These Reporters Think So

Anderson Cooper: Trump Keeps Sticking With a Narrative That ‘Lets Russia Off the Hook’

James Comey: We Should Be ‘Disagreeing Without Hating,’ the Russians Are Exploiting Our Divisions

WATCH: Nation’s Leading Intelligence Official Admits He Doesn’t Understand What Happened at Trump-Putin Summit

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