Etch A Sketch Releases Ads Declaring Itself Politically Neutral

One of the more recent Mitt Romney gaffes brought a classic toy back into the limelight: the Etch A Sketch. Following the incident, the company released a statement (complete with puns about drawing), and now they’ve gone a step further: creating ads directly addressing politics. There are three in total, all of which include the line, “Etch A Sketch is proud to be part of the national conversation.”

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In one of the ads (my personal favorite), the Etch A Sketch screen has an American flag drawn on it, and the text below reads: “We have a left knob and a right knob for each political party. / (But remember, when both work together, we can do loop de loops).”

Another shows the following text drawn across the screen: “Etch A Sketch is a lot like politics / There’s a lot of gray area.” The final ad asks, “Politically, we lean right down the middle. Which way did you lean?”

As AdWeek notes, the ads declare the company “basically apolitical” — and do so in a cutesy way (loop de loops?). From AdWeek:

“But Etch A Sketch doesn’t take political sides,” ad agency Team Detroit tells us in an email. “We believe that when the left hand and the right hand work together, magic happens. [These] ads were developed to convey that message.”

As the cliché goes, when opportunity knocks…

(H/T AdWeek, via NY Daily News)

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