February Surprise: Former Trump Organizer Files Sex Discrimination Complaint Against Campaign


Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 10.32.36 PMWith the first-in-the-nation Iowa caucuses mere hours away, Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump has a last-minute bit of breaking news to contend with: a sex discrimination complaint filed last week by a former Iowa field organizer, and reported Sunday by The New York Times. The complaint alleges pay and work discrimination, as well as an inappropriate remark by Trump. From NYT:

Elizabeth Mae Davidson, 26, who was the Trump campaign’s field organizer here in Davenport, Iowa’s third-largest city, said in a discrimination complaint that men doing the same jobs were paid more and were allowed to plan and speak at rallies, while her requests to do so were ignored. She also said that when she and a young female volunteer met Mr. Trump at a rally last summer, he told them, “You guys could do a lot of damage,” referring to their looks.

The complaint was filed on Thursday with the Davenport Civil Rights Commission.

In a telephone interview on Sunday, Mr. Trump denied making the remark but did not address the other two allegations.

“That is not the worst thing that could be said,” Mr. Trump said. “But I never said it. It’s not in my vocabulary.”

He added that he did not know Ms. Davidson but that in checking with his staff, he was told she was a disgruntled employee. “My people tell me she did a terrible job.”

Trump also made note of the timing of the news, saying “A story like this could damage my chances” in the Iowa caucuses. It is entirely possible that Mr. Trump is overestimating the number of his followers who strongly consider gender discrimination litigation in their decision to vote.

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