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Dem Rep. Swalwell Clashes With Tucker Carlson Over FBI Informant: ‘If They Didn’t Have Probable Cause, I’d Be Pissed’

NYT Shields Identity of FBI Informant on Trump Campaign… But Another Outlet Reveals Him

White House Reportedly Cracked Down After Aide Secretly Recorded Meetings With Trump, Showed to Friends

Dem Senator Brutally Mocks Embattled EPA Chief Pruitt For Flying First Class: ‘Nobody Even Knows Who You Are’

Fox & Friends’ Hegseth Trashes NY Times For Not Covering ISIS Capture Story First Reported by NY Times

Law Firm Announces Rudy Giuliani’s Departure Amid Trump Media Blitz: ‘It Is Best For Him to Resign’

Bari Weiss Chronicles the Oppression of Famous and Influential Media Figures

NY Times Gives Advice to Next New York AG: ‘Be a Decent Human Being’

NY Times Staffers Reportedly Miffed at Colleague Amy Chozick For Dishing on Office Politics in New Book

NYT Editor Resigned After Investigation Into Alleged ‘Inappropriate Behavior’ With Women

NYT Metro Editor Resigns Following an Investigation

Trump 2020 Campaign Manager Exchanges Twitter Barbs With NYT’s Maggie Haberman: ‘Ask Your So-Called Sources’

NYT Fires Back at Trump: Everything Haberman Reported from White House ‘Has Proven True’

Trump Erupts on Maggie ‘Habberman’ in Wild Tweetstorm: Source is ‘Drugged Up Loser’

Trump Reportedly Treats Michael Cohen ‘Like Garbage,’ Threatened to Fire Him Multiple Times

Mattis Reportedly Wanted Congressional Approval for Syria Strikes But Trump Overruled Him

NYT Editorial Board Pens Blistering Op-Ed: ‘Mr. Trump Now Has Real Reason to be Afraid’

Trump Reportedly Having a ‘Meltdown,’ Said He Seriously Wants to Fire Top Brass at DOJ, FBI

Twitter Melts Down Over News Ex-Trump Lawyer Looked Into Manafort, Flynn Pardons: This is ‘Corruption’

Remember How Trump Denied NYT Report Last Week That He Was Getting ‘Another Lawyer to Help Out’?

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