New York Times

Nikki Haley: We Gave NY Times the Facts on Curtains, ‘They Printed It Anyway’

Eric Trump Rips CNN’s Coverage of Woodward’s ‘Sensational Nonsense Book’

Scarborough: Trump and Supporters ‘Embarrassing Themselves’ Over Op-Ed, ‘This is Not Treason’

Carl Bernstein Calls Op-Ed Author ‘Craven’ But NYT ‘Absolutely Right’ to Publish It: This Is ‘A National Emergency’

Pence Says He’d Take a Lie Detector Test to Prove He Didn’t Write Anonymous Op-ed: ‘In a Heartbeat’

Chris Christie and NYT’s Michelle Goldberg Clash Over Op-Ed: ‘You Have No Respect for the President!’

Nikki Haley Calls Out Anonymous Official in New Washington Post Op-Ed: ‘Step Up and Help’ or Resign

NYT Responds to Trump Demand: We’re Confident DOJ Understands 1st Amendment ‘Protects All American Citizens’

Trump Calls on Jeff Sessions to Investigate Anonymous Op-Ed Author

Sarah Sanders’ Plan to Give Out the NYT’s Phone Number to Expose ‘Anonymous Coward’ Fails Miserably

Trump Asks New York Times Journalists to ‘Investigate Themselves’ Over Op-Ed Written By One of His Officials

Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway: Anonymous Trump Official’s Op-Ed is ‘Huge Strategic Blunder’ For Media

Trump Will Not Be Brought Down By Cowards and Unfortunately It Appears There Are No Heroes

Stunning Reports Reveal ‘Frantic’ White House Hunt For Anonymous Trump Official

After NYT Op-Ed, John Kerry Says ‘This Is a Genuine Constitutional Crisis’

Speculation: Who is the Anonymous White House Official Behind the ‘Resistance’ Op-Ed?

Trump Cites ‘Failing New York Times’ Article to Exonerate Himself From Russian Political Meddling

Trump Says ’80 Percent’ of News Media is ‘Enemy of the People’

Today’s Newspaper Front Pages Signal a Dark Forecast For Trump

Charges Against Michael Cohen Could Be Announced by End of August: CNN Report

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