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Female Reporter Barred from Courtroom for Sleeveless Blouse

A security guard at Ogden’s 2nd District Court in Utah recently prevented the Standard-Examiner‘s new justice reporter Morgan Briesmaster from entering the courtroom. Her crime? Public shoulders.

While a male colleague of hers passed through the security line with no problem, Briesmaster said she was stopped by the security guard and told she wouldn’t be allowed in. She had to return to her office, where the only jacket lying around was a winter coat — which the security guards proceeded to remark on when she returned.

“Upon walking inside, we were once again greeted by security,” Briesmaster recounted. “Only this time they said, ‘It’s pretty warm outside to be wearing a jacket.’ To which I said, ‘It sure is.’ I sat in the courtroom for two hours with Lockhart’s jacket on; not once was it removed.”

Standard-Examiner Executive Editor Andrew Howell said he was unable to locate a dress code for the courtroom anywhere, and that the court had been unable to tell him why Briesmaster was singled out.

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