Ford Says He ‘Got Into Major Sh*t’ for Talking to Reporter from Rehab

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is now reportedly in rehab, and spoke with the Toronto Sun about how “amazing” the experience has been so far. Well, in a follow-up with the paper, Ford revealed he’s gotten in “major shit” for speaking to the media about his time in rehab.

Reporter Joe Warmington followed up with Ford about the first interview they did this week, which was featured in Wednesday’s paper, and Ford said he wasn’t technically supposed to be speaking to him. He explained, “I got into major shit for talking to you, so I can’t talk to you.”

Warmington admitted he felt guilty and wanted to apologize to the rehab facility, but Ford said not to bother. He just said, “There’s just a policy you’re not allowed to speak to the media in these programs. I didn’t know about that… They weren’t too happy.” He accepted blame for speaking with the media in the first place.

And while Warmington points out in his report that, in theory, Ford could just be somewhere other than rehab and is lying to keep his location secret, “that is his prerogative,” he says Ford “seems genuine” in describing how rehab has been going for him so far.

[h/t Business Insider]
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