Former CBS Reporter Lashes Out at Media: ‘People Can’t Trust What We Interpret’


Ever since her resignation from CBS News in 2014, Sharyl Attkisson has been a relentless critic of the mainstream media, claiming that many reporters exhibit a progressive bias.

In an appearance on America’s Newsroom Wednesday, Attkisson lamented the current state of journalism, claiming that many “have suspended the normal rules and procedures” of the profession because they believe President Donald Trump is such a threat.

“We want to critically and carefully cover our institutions and powerful politicians, absolutely,” Attkisson said. “They should be questioned. But when you do it in such a way that the public no longer believes what they’re getting is the whole truth or sometimes the truth at all, you’ve undercut yourself because we’ll get into an area where people hardly believe anything they hear at first blurb.”

Attkisson called out New York Times reporter Glenn Thrush for what she deemed a “wholly inappropriate” email exchange with former Hillary Clinton campaign chair John Podesta. In a hacked email published by Wikileaks, Thrush (then working for Politico) sent a portion of a piece which had yet to be published to Podesta “to make sure I’m not f*cking anything up.”

The former CBS reporter blasted Thrush for the incident.

“[I]nstead of being roundly criticized, he gets a promotion by going to work for The New York Times and being allowed to cover President Trump,” Attkisson said. “Again, what he says comes with a grain of salt.”

Attkisson claims that episodes like those involving Thrush help diminish public trust in the media.

“I hope it’s temporary,” she said. “That people can’t trust what we interpret.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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