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Dershowitz Stomps on Devin Nunes Lawsuit: He ‘Has No Case at All’ Against Twitter

WATCH: Trump and Fox News Have Been Calling Beto O’Rourke ‘Robert Francis’ For Months

Fox News Freaks Out Over Proposed Removal of ‘So Help You God’ From House Committee Oath

Fox News Panel Clashes Over Whether the Covington Catholic Students Are Being Turned Into ‘The Next Brett Kavanaugh’

‘It’s Not Debatable’: Napolitano Shoots Down Giuliani Defense of Porn Star Payoff

Fox News Panel Gets Tense After Guest Says Obama Has ‘Mommy Issues’: It’s the Holidays, You’re ‘Better’ Than That

Chris Wallace: ‘I’m Kind of Stunned’ Christine Ford is ‘Setting the Terms’ For Her Testimony

Mediaite Presents Our Ranking of The Best Cable News Shows, Hour-By-Hour: 9 A.M.

Chris Wallace on Latest Don Jr. Bombshell: ‘Huge Problem with the Credibility of the White House’

Former CBS Reporter Lashes Out at Media: ‘People Can’t Trust What We Interpret’

Julie Roginsky Talks Susan Rice on Fox; No Mention of Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

Following Tucker Carlson’s Move to 9:00, Martha MacCallum Gets 7:00 Spot on Fox News

Eric Trump: Watching Michael Bay’s Benghazi Film 13 Hours Should Be a Voting Prerequisite

Fiorina Scolds Fox On Air: The Media Has Decided Trump Will be the Nominee

Radio Host Defends Trump: Hillary Enabled an ‘Unindicted Rapist’

Paul Ryan on Brokered Convention Rumors: ‘All This Talk is Ridiculous’

John Sununu Accuses Bill Hemmer of Pro-Trump Bias: ‘You’re Trying to Promote It!’

Fox’s Keith Ablow: ‘If Somebody Named Syed Leaves Your Party Call the Cops’

Were CNN’s Acosta, Fox’s Hemmer Right to Go After President So Passionately on ISIS Strategy?

Usually Dispassionate Fox News Anchor Bill Hemmer Goes Off on Obama Terror Speech

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