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S.E. Cupp Absolutely Shreds Cable News Anchors For ‘Activist’ Gun Coverage After Florida Shooting

One Year In, The Impact of Anti-Press Rhetoric is Putting Journalists in Grave Danger

Committee to Protect Journalists ‘Awards’ Trump for ‘Undermining Global Press Freedom’

‘Rope. Tree. Journalist.’: Walmart Has Been Selling Shirt That Promotes Lynching Reporters

Fox & Friends Blasts NY Times Opinion Page’s Advocacy Journalism In Least Self Aware Moment Ever

Journalist Died From Overwork After Clocking 150+ Overtime Hours in One Month

Trump’s NFL Remarks Dominate White House Press Briefing; Whose Fault Is That?

Former CBS Reporter Lashes Out at Media: ‘People Can’t Trust What We Interpret’

Is Ivanka a White House Leaker? Speculation Abounds After Curiously-Timed Puff Pieces

‘I Worry For the Business’: Bob Woodward Rips Media ‘Smugness’ in Trump Era

InfoWars Has Officially Penetrated the White House Briefing Room — And Journos are Irate

‘Journalists Are Nosy’: Trump Advisor Says It’s Totally Reasonable Not to Want Them Around

Fake News? Northwestern’s Famed Medill Journalism School No Longer Accredited

Student Journos Who Busted Fraud Principal Headed to White House Correspondents Dinner

‘That’s a Bunch of Bullsh*t’: RT America’s Ed Schultz Bashes CNN in Fiery Rant

WaPo’s David Fahrenthold Wins Pulitzer for His Reporting on Trump’s Charitable Giving

Student Journalists Get High School Principal to Resign After Investigating Her Past

New Comic Book-Style Textbook Aims to Get High Schoolers Excited About Journalism

‘This is Not Okay’: Watch a Stunned Brooke Baldwin Report on CNN and Other Outlets Being Blocked From WH Gaggle

New Poll: 36% Say Media Has Been Too Tough on Trump, 28% Say Not Tough Enough

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