Fox News Launches Weeks Before The Election

Fox News launched their new web site,, today, just weeks before a midterm election.

The site, mostly in English, is a mix of political and human interest stories so far, and will focus on “culturally relevant content built around the interests of Hispanic online users.”

The homepage on its launch day features a lead story about the Chilean miners and their families, as well as a health story about the ‘J. Lo shape’. There’s also a report on the negative reaction among Latinos to a new David Vitter ad, and a story called “La-Tea-Nos” (draw your own conclusions there).

“We’re trying to reach the second and third generations of U.S. Latinos,” managing editor Alberto Vourvoulias-Bush told the Miami Herald. “We’re aiming at Latinos whose first language is English, who inform themselves in English, who are deeply American, but share some of the cultural sensibilities of their parents or grandparents.”

In a release, FNC SVP Michael Clemente said, “The launch of FOX News Latino creates an unprecedented opportunity to expand our reach by engaging the fastest growing minority audience and providing a unique platform for compelling and original content focused on the Latino community and the American dream.”

This is the latest sub-site launched by Fox News, which also includes and (for the big fans of FNC). looks the most like in its design and layout.

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