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Those Damned "Fagoots"

FSU Lecturer Fired After Blaming ‘Filthy Rodent Muslims’ for Ruining America

Celebrity hairstylist Colin Lively didn’t realize that writing a Facebook post about the recent spate of police killings would get a woman fired from her job as a teacher at a prominent university, but hey, what can you do, Internet?

“YOU elected POTUS, Holder et al.,” Deborah O’Connor, a friend of one of Lively’s friends, wrote angrily on his thread. “And they are supposed to represent all Americans, not just blacks … why don’t these ass clowns insert themselves into their stories?”

Typical internet comment, yes — but it didn’t end there, according to Folio Weekly:

She was just getting started. As the thread went on, and as Lively and others engaged her, O’Connor’s comments took on an increasingly racist, homophobic and just-plain-mean bent:

“Take your Northern fagoot [sic] elitism and shove it up your ass.”

“I teach at a University, you asshole. What do you do?”

“You are an intellectual fraud, just like your Messiah. Obama has single-handedly turned our once great society into a Ghetto Culture, rivaling that of Europe. France is almost at war because of his filthy rodent Muslims who are attacking Native Frenchmen and women.”

“I just looked at your picture and what you do for a living. I’m signing off now. I don’t talk to you people.”

It turned out that everything she wrote was true: O’Connor was a longtime lecturer at Florida State University, and taught — of all things — business communication.

“I was fine with her calling people idiots and all that stuff,” Lively, the “fagoot” hairstylist, told Folio. “What was not fine was when she said she teaches in an open university and is a white bigot. What this country does not need is one more white bigot who is in control of young people’s minds, especially one affiliated with an already troubled Florida State University.”

After Lively and a fellow commenter sent a complaint to FSU, the school quietly spoke to O’Connor, who resigned the following Monday, and deleted her page from the university’s website.

According to a leaked email chain, she seemed to go down swinging:

I believe I have done an excellent job at FSU, and this one incident is the only black mark I have every had on an employment record in the 40 years I have been employed. It hurts me deeply that I was not given a fair hearing in front of administration reps, but I sense that “the path of least resistance” is for me to resign to forestall a litigation, although I must emphasize that I do NOT believe the punishment fits the “crime.”

“Is there any chance the story can be suppressed to minimize further injury to my reputation?” she pled, after the board accepted her resignation and disavowed her statements. “I think I have paid the price for my ill chosen words.”

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