Celebrities Show Tons of Love to Boy Who Revealed Pain of Bullying: ‘You Are an Absolute Hero’

Ari Melber Hits Zuckerberg: Facebook Doesn’t Care if it Posts Propaganda ‘As Long As You Keep Clicking’

Ex-Facebook Prez Sean Parker Says They Knew They Were Exploiting Vulnerabilities, ‘Did It Anyway’

Ari Melber: Paradise Papers Show Ties Between Mark Zuckerberg, Kremlin…and Jared Kushner?

Ari Melber Hits Mark Zuckerberg Over Silence on Russia: ‘Whose Side Do You Want to Be On?’

More Russia-Linked Facebook Ads Have Been Released

Sen. Feinstein to Facebook, Twitter, Google: ‘I Don’t Think You Get It’

Is Facebook Secretly Listening to Your Conversations? This Video Says Yes

WATCH: Facebook, Twitter, Google Execs Testify on Russian Interference LIVE STREAM

Facebook Reportedly Estimates 126 Million Americans May Have Seen Russian Troll Farm’s Content

Former Russia Troll Factory Staffer Claims They Made Fake Hillary Clinton Sex Tape

Trump Jumps Back On Twitter to Complain About ‘Fake News’ and ‘Discredited Dossier’

CNN’s Smerconish Reveals Facebook Has Locked Him Out of His Own Facebook Page

Colbert Rips Mark Zuckerberg For Puerto Rico Virtual Trip: ‘Don’t Go to a Disaster Zone to Push Your Product!’

Ari Melber Blasts Mark Zuckerberg’s ‘Cartoon Body Tour’ of Hurricane-Ravaged Puerto Rico

Facebook Estimates ’10 Million People in the US’ Saw Russia-Linked Ads

CBS Fires Top Lawyer for Saying She Has No Sympathy for ‘Republican’ Shooting Victims

Tucker Carlson Mocks CNN’s Chris Cuomo For His ‘#StandFIRM’ Activism Facebook Video

Russian Government Reportedly Linked to Fake Black Activist Social Media Accounts

Russian-Linked FB Group Reportedly Pushed Anti-Immigrant Message, Called Trump ‘Only Viable Option’

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