Colbert Rips Mark Zuckerberg For Puerto Rico Virtual Trip: ‘Don’t Go to a Disaster Zone to Push Your Product!’

Ari Melber Blasts Mark Zuckerberg’s ‘Cartoon Body Tour’ of Hurricane-Ravaged Puerto Rico

Facebook Estimates ’10 Million People in the US’ Saw Russia-Linked Ads

CBS Fires Top Lawyer for Saying She Has No Sympathy for ‘Republican’ Shooting Victims

Tucker Carlson Mocks CNN’s Chris Cuomo For His ‘#StandFIRM’ Activism Facebook Video

Russian Government Reportedly Linked to Fake Black Activist Social Media Accounts

Russian-Linked FB Group Reportedly Pushed Anti-Immigrant Message, Called Trump ‘Only Viable Option’

Russians Reportedly Bought Black Lives Matter Facebook Ad Targeting Ferguson and Baltimore

Mark Zuckerberg Fires Back at POTUS for Declaring ‘Facebook Was Always Anti-Trump’

Trump Suggests Facebook is in ‘Collusion’ With ‘Fake News’ Media

Facebook Agrees to Provide to Congress Russian-Purchased Ads for 2016 Election

Facebook Allowed Advertisers To Direct Their Ads to ‘Jew Haters’

TBT: Hillary Clinton Told Us All About Russian Targeted Facebook Ad Buy Three Months Ago

Facebook: Russia-Linked Accounts Bought $100,000 of Political Ads During 2016 Election

Lara Trump Defends Trump TV ‘Real News’ Segments: ‘It’s Not Propaganda Because It’s True’

Missouri Lawmaker Apologizes For Trump Assassination Comment, Says She Won’t Resign

Facebook Shuts Down Anonymous Group Used By Their Own Trump-Supporting Employees

Martin Shkreli Goes on Wild Facebook Fantasy Rant: ‘At Some Point I’ll Be POTUS’

Ted Cruz: DOJ Must ‘Prosecute Today’s Grotesque Act of Domestic Terrorism’

Newborn Calf Named Genie Looks Exactly Like KISS Rocker Gene Simmons

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