Gateway Pundit Gets Fricasseed Over Dumb Scoop: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Was Once Called ‘Sandy’


Conservative conspiracy blogger Jim Hoft, better known as “The Gateway Pundit,” is being mocked widely for a weekend tweet touting the breathtaking “EXCLUSIVE” that pioneering Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was once known by the name “Sandy.” Like, even in college. And there’s VIDEO.

On Sunday night, Hoft tweeted out his big scoop, “EXCLUSIVE: Yorktown Elitist and Bronx Hoaxer Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Went by “Sandy” Well into College at Boston U (VIDEO),” and spent the rest of the night/early morning getting ratioed within an inch of his life.

The accompanying article features damning evidence of said nickname, including pages from a yearbook and the credits of that video of Ocasio-Cortez dancing awesomely when she was in high school. I guess the “exclusive” part was that classmates of AOC sent Hoft some pictures from a 2007 high school yearbook.

Twitter immediately began dunking on Hoft, including our own Caleb Howe:

The uproar doesn’t appear to have fazed Hoft, who has tweeted the story out several times, and who is likely enjoying an explosion of traffic due to the uproar. It might even be tempting for some to declare this a win-win for Hoft and AOC. Hoft gets a metric crap-ton of traffic in exchange for his clearly non-existent dignity, and Ocasio-Cortez gets to demonstrate just how badly the rays from her blazing ascent are burning conservatives who are this desperate to smear her.

But the subtext of the story is an attack on her identity as a Latina woman, the implication being that her anglicized nickname betrays the “authenticity” of that identity. It’s similar to the way conservatives attacked Barack Obama by calling him “Barry,” and it’s ugly.

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