Glenn Beck Unleashes on House Freedom Caucus After Supporting Paul Ryan

beckAfter the House Freedom Caucus released a statement saying that a supermajority of its members had backed Paul Ryan for Speaker of the House, radio host Glenn Beck went on an angry rant against the conservative hardliners.

“Gee, let’s see freedom caucus — you asked us to help you kick out the speaker of the house, then you asked us to do our homework on Daniel Webster,” Beck wrote on Facebook. “You told me that this is who you needed and wanted.”

“I spent hours in conversations, study and prayer because YOU ASKED ME TO. The listeners did too. I put my credibility on the line for you because you asked me to. Then you just pull out and go for the ROMNEY PICK?” Beck wrote angrily [Capitalization in original].

“The “fix” the republic needs is Paul Ryan? The man who never met a bailout he didn’t like? A man who asked to be made king? 100% support and you can’t vote him out? Your solution is MORE POWER FOR THE SPEAKER?!?!?!?” [Capitalization and punctuation in original]

“IS THERE ANYONE THAT HAS THE BALLS TO SAY WHAT THEY MEAN AND MEAN WHAT THEY SAY? Oh yeah. Ted Cruz AND THE GOP WEASELS YOU JUST GOT IN BED WITH HATE HIM!” Beck continued [Capitalization still in original, obviously]. “Thanks! Next thing we will hear is that now you think [Donald Trump] is the answer.”

[Image via screengrab]
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