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GQ Fawns Over ‘Essential’ Jake Tapper’s ‘Ramrod Brand of Honest Outrage’

unnamedThere is absolutely no denying that the “Jake Tapper Moment” is upon us. Magazines, newspapers, late night shows, and countless websites, including this one, cover and applaud the popular CNN anchor in a way we never did prior to the 2016 Election and Donald Trump‘s presidency.

GQ is the latest publication to pile on the praise for Tapper in a new profile. Taffy Brodesser-Akner begins the piece saying, “No journalist on TV has become more indignant, more combative, and suddenly more essential than Jake Tapper” and talks about how his “ramrod brand of honest outrage has made him a bona fide star.”

Brodesser-Akner is right. Tapper’s work has never been more recognized than it is right now, despite the fact that he’s been practicing his same brand of journalism his whole career and has had his current job since 2013. She mentions his February 7th interview with Kellyanne Conway, which was incredibly contentious and lasted for an uninterrupted 25 minutes, during which he asked her point blank, “Are we fake news?” The exchange was widely covered, and Tapper received praise for questioning her on the dishonesty in Trump’s administration.

GQ praised him too, saying, “His relentless counter-questioning was like water in the desert for those of us who’d grown tired of the constant assault on truth and the alarming sense that, by continually manipulating the media, the administration was starting to craft its own reality.” Yep. Water in the desert.

steph curry gq coverThe praise for Tapper, however, goes beyond just his good journalism. Brodesser also mentions his “glorious anchor face,” as well as his characteristic “WTF Face,” which she dubs the “JTWTFF” when she talks about all of its forms.

The profile also talks about the good work he’s doing, the good work he’s always done, and the good work he’ll continue to do. “Jake Tapper has been doing outrage since back when you believed you lived in a free country,” she writes. “While you were enjoying your long liberal day at the beach, Jake Tapper was pioneering your outrage.”

She’s not wrong about any of it. It just confirms what, deep down, we probably already knew: America has a big crush on Jake Tapper.

For the full profile, head over to this month’s GQ.

[images via Chris Buck exclusively for GQ]

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