The Greatest New Yorker Valentine’s Day Covers of All Time

A beautifully-designed Valentine’s Day cover used to be an annual event for many magazines. Today, with the exception of an occasional women’s service mag, Valentine’s Day has almost disappeared from the newsstands. Thank goodness for the New Yorker, which has done an annual Valentine’s Day cover for over 70 years. And best of all, their covers keep getting better. We’ve collected 20 of the greatest New Yorker Valentine’s Day covers. Co-produced by Linda Rubes. For the full list of 20 covers, visit here. (Cover at left: February 12, 1990, illustration by Arnie Levin.)

February 15, 1993, illustration by Art Spiegelman.

February 10, 2003, illustration by Carter Goodrich.

February 12, 1949, illustration by Rea Irvin.

February 14, 1970, illustration by Pierre Le-Tan.

February 15, 1988, illustration by Lee Lorenz.

February 17, 1992, illustration by James Stevenson.

See the New Yorker’s great cover archive here.

Robert Newman has served as the design director of several magazines, including Fortune, Entertainment Weekly, and New York. His Facebook page can be found here.

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