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Happy Palindrome Day! It’s 01022010

And on the second day of the New Yecade, we have another reason for celebration: PALINDROME DAY! Yes, today is January 2, 2010 — or, in the convention of U.S. nomenclature, 01022010. (Librarians, at ease.)

Twitter is blowing up with festive wishes for a Happy Palindrome Day as well as festive #in2010 New Year’s resolutions, but then again it’s also blowing up with festive what-I-want-to-do-to-Justin Bieber wishes, so who knows. Carry on.

Thanks to the Discovery Channel for being our token media Palindrome Day spokesmodel. You look lovely. (Runner-up: @Mythbusters, in honor of our pal @MediaGadfly, despite her efforts to ruin our Palindrome Day fun (some people are also insisting that Americans write the date backwards, but they’re clearly just jealous of our special day. Says the Canadian).

Tomorrow, incidentally, we will have another fun 2010 day to celebrate: the first Sunday of the New Yecade! Which means the first Sunday shows of the New Yecade! Actually, they should be pretty interesting, considering the rather active last week of terrorism-related feel-good news reports. We’ll see.

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