Head of the Anti-Defamation League Gives Trevor Noah the Benefit of the Doubt


New Daily Show host Trevor Noah is getting lots of heat today over some politically incorrect tweets of his from a few years ago, some about fat women, others about Jews.

For example:

Some people have characterized those tweets as Jew-hating or anti-Semitic, but the national director of the Anti-Defamation League, Abe Foxman, is not quite there yet.

Writing for Time Magazine today, Foxman says he’s willing to give Noah the benefit of the doubt and doesn’t think it’s fair to judge him just based on a few tweets:

The tweets that have been singled out — tasteless and offensive remarks about Jews, women, fat people, and others — seem mostly isolated and dated. Certainly, attacking Jews and minorities has not come to define this young stand-up comedian’s career, and, like many of other comedians, Mr. Noah seems more like an “equal opportunity offender” than a cheap-trick jokester or a raging bigot.

Foxman does call the tweets “inexcusable” and say they play into anti-Semitic stereotypes, but argues that the more important issue is how Noah will proceed now that he’s the heir to one of the biggest thrones in late night.

He says, “Let’s not prejudge him based on a few, random, isolated tweets in the past. Let’s judge him based on his performance going forward into the future.”

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