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Hot Dog Vendor Threatens to Murder Family of Rival Hot Dog Vendor

New York hot dog stands are freakishly lucrative, depending on the neighborhood the cart’s in, and can lead to overly ridiculous territorial disputes. A prime example of this street meat war of attrition: a man was recently arrested in New Jersey for breaking into the house of his rival vendor and threatening to kill his entire family.

Last Thursday, four men broke into the Jersey City home of the unnamed hot dog vendor, and according to a police report published in the Jersey Journal, were wielding pocket knives. “Like I told you before, I am gonna kill you and kidnap your kids, if you keep selling or putting the cart in my areas,” one yelled, before attempting to cut the vendor, and hurled his wife and one-year-old child into a mirror.

The man was saved from further harassment when a family friend came over, and the four attackers fled. In a Shakespearean twist, the vendor told police he was betrayed: “He also told police that he could identify the four men who broke into his home and that he considered two of them his friends.”

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