Howard Stern to Geraldo: You Threatening Fox Co-Host Was ‘One of Your Greatest Moments’

geraldo bollingHoward Stern had a nice long chat with Geraldo Rivera today and praised him for one of his “greatest moments” on Fox News.

Rivera reflected on his TV career and journey to Fox. Stern brought up The Five and how he’s the one big liberal (most of the time) brought in to “argue with these motherfuckers.” He singled out Eric Bolling in particular.

Rivera and Bolling have fought a lot on the show, but last July, when Bolling accused his co-host of exploiting and sensationalizing “everything,” Rivera cried, “You’re lucky that you’re my friend. I’d knock you out right now.”

Rivera said lightly that Bolling “irks me,” but affirmed that he personally likes all of his Five co-hosts. He likes how Fox News is run by people with different politics and a different worldview than all the other places he’s worked at.

Stern ran audio of Rivera fighting Bolling and said that was “one of your greatest moments on Fox News.”

You can watch the original moment above (via Fox), and Stern’s chat with Rivera, via The Howard Stern Show.

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