Eric Bolling

Former Fox News Guest Reveals Allegations About Eric Bolling and Sexual Harassment

Eric Bolling Suspended from Fox News

Fox News Investigating Charges Eric Bolling Sent Lewd Pics to Female Colleagues

Eric Bolling: ‘Trump Has Fixed Most of the Obama Failures’

American Conservative Union’s Matt Schlapp: Jeff Flake Shouldn’t Claim to Speak for Conservatives

Eric Bolling Scolds Panel While Touting Trump’s Economy: ‘What in the Hell Do You Guys Want?’

Trump vs. Sessions Feud Exposes Divide Amongst Trump Supporters at Fox News

Roland Martin to Bolling: Obama Didn’t Play Golf While He Tried to Pass Health Care

Fox’s Bolling: Spicer Leaving Is ‘Really Positive’ for WH, He ‘Became Too Much of the Story’

Fox’s Bolling: ‘Maybe the Russians Were Colluding with Hillary’ to Get Info on Trump

Eric Bolling Goes Off on Don Jr. Coverage: ‘The Liberal Media Keeps On Hunting for Those Witches’

‘Can You at Least Say He Did Something Wrong Here?!’ Kat Timpf Confronts Bolling on Trump Jr.

‘Disrespecting Law Enforcement’: Fox’s Bolling Rips ‘Despicable’ de Blasio for Going to Germany for G20

Eric Bolling Rips CNN Over Report on Reddit User: ‘Tony Soprano Would Be Proud’

Fox News’ MacCallum: Trump-Morning Joe Story Is ‘Navel-Gazing Egoism at Its Absolute Worst’

Stuart Varney and Eric Bolling Slug it Out Over ‘Piece of Crap’ Health Care Bill

President Trump Retweets a Plug for New Book from Fox News’ Eric Bolling

‘Burned-Out, Wasted Fool of a Man’: Bolling Tears Into Johnny Depp Over Trump Assassination Remark

North Korea: Donald Trump is a ‘Psychopath’

Eric Bolling Suggests Preemptive Strike on North Korea: ‘Are You Willing to Risk Los Angeles?’

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