Hugh Hewitt Confronts GOP Rep.: ‘Damned Ungrateful’ for You to Throw Party Under the Bus

Some House Republicans have been openly speaking out to contradict John Boehner’s claim that the votes aren’t there for a clean continuing resolution. Pennsylvania congressman Charlie Dent is one of those Republicans, who pushed back on CNN Monday, and conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt confronted Dent on Monday over it.

Hewitt asked, “Aren’t you destroying the Republican bargaining position by empowering the media to parrot the president’s line?” Dent insisted the GOP simply doesn’t have the votes on their own and they have to work with Democrats.

Hewitt told Dent that whatever his intentions, he is doing a great disservice to the Republican party.

“I think that you and Congressman King… are, in fact, wrecking the opportunity to reach a constructive conclusion by undercutting the speaker and empowering the media to beat them up… I deeply resent working as hard as I do to advance the cause of the Republican party and then seeing you on CNN blasting them. I mean, my jaw hit the desk when I saw that.”

Hewitt kept going after Dent on his lack of support for John Boehner and how this hurts the GOP’s chances in 2014, telling him he’s “damned ungrateful” to the GOP for speaking out against them like this.

Listen to the audio below, via The Hugh Hewitt Show:

[photo via People’s Talk Radio]

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