comScore Adam Kinzinger Says Trump's Unproven Wiretap Claims Harm 'Our Ability to Move Forward'

‘I’m Disturbed’: GOP Rep. Says Trump’s Unproven Wiretap Claims Harm ‘Our Ability to Move Forward’

More than a week after President Donald Trump created a political firestorm by accusing his predecessor of wiretapping him before the election, and a day after the Department of Justice asked for more time to provide any potential evidence of said claim, a GOP congressman criticized the administration for how this has been handled.

Appearing on CNN’s The Lead, Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) told guest host Jim Sciutto that he personally has not seen any proof to back up Trump’s assertion.

“I haven’t seen it,” the Republican lawmaker stated. “And I think frankly the administration probably should come forward with whatever proof they have because, again, leveling a charge like that is a huge deal.”

He added that making a statement like alleging that Barack Obama was wiretapping Trump “is a really big deal” and that the president shouldn’t say things of that nature unless he has proof.

“I think they’re damaging and probably even broader it really takes us off our game,” Kinzinger responded to a question about whether or not the claims not being backed by evidence were damaging.

He continued, “I think it can ultimately damage somebody’s credibility. So, you know as a Republican, not only am I disturbed by a charge that a former president committed a felony, beyond that I’m disturbed because, again, it’s really harming President Trump and our ability to move forward and get things done and get our message out.”

Watch the interview above, via CNN.

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