Hey CNN, Mark Levin Told Us About The Manafort Wiretap Months Ago

House Intel Chair: Trump Transition Communications ‘Incidentally Collected’ by Intel Agencies

‘Let’s See How the Week Goes’: Spicer on Whether Trump Will Provide Wiretap Proof This Week

Former PM David Cameron Jokes About Not Listening to Trump Wiretap Conversations Anymore

White House Told Local News Station That Trump Wouldn’t Discuss Wiretaps or Russia in Interview

House Intel Chair: ‘Possible That Other Surveillance Activities Used Against’ Trump and Associates

‘It’s a Sort of Stupefying Thing’: CNN’s Jim Acosta on Trump Not Withdrawing ‘False’ Wiretap Claim

‘He’s Not a Professional Liar’: CNN Panel Goes Off the Rails Over Trump’s Wiretap Claims

Top Democrat on House Intel Committee: Trump May Have Disclosed Classified Info in Tucker Interview

‘We See No Evidence of That’: Paul Ryan Says He Doesn’t Believe Trump’s Wiretap Claims

Lemon Scolds Ex-Trump Spox for Saying Trump Was ‘Right About the Iraq War’ to Justify Wiretap Tweets

‘Wiretap Covers a Lot of Different Things’: Trump Says We’ll Know More About His Claims in ‘Two Weeks’

‘Are We Seriously Wagering?’: Brooke Baldwin Reacts to Guest Wanting to Bet on Trump’s Wiretap Claims

‘I’m Disturbed’: GOP Rep. Says Trump’s Unproven Wiretap Claims Harm ‘Our Ability to Move Forward’

Democratic Rep.: We’ll Call on Trump to ‘Recant and to Apologize’ to Obama if No Proof on Wiretap Claim

‘We’ve Had to Live in This Farce for the Last Nine Days’: Tapper Goes Off on Trump’s Wiretap Claims

Security Yells at Reporters to Clear Out of Room After They Ask Trump About Wiretaps and Flynn

Jake Tapper: No One From Trump’s Team Will Say ‘I Believe the President’ on Wiretap Claims

Democratic Rep.: If Trump Keeps Making ‘Outlandish Claims’ Then ‘He Needs to Know He Will be Exposed’

Obama Reportedly ‘Furious’ and ‘Livid’ With Trump Over Wiretapping Accusations

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