‘Is There a Racist/Fascist Fox News Won’t Hire?’: Montel Williams Goes After Fox


Earlier today, on the day of Donald Trump’s inauguration as the 45th President of the United States, Fox News announced it had hired a man who had a close ideological and philosophical bond to Trump during the campaign, specifically due to his role in Brexit.

Yep, the network hired Nigel Farage, who traveled with Trump on the campaign after he helped bring about Britain’s exit from the European Union. Well, there was at least one person who wasn’t much of a fan of the hire.

He would keep going after that:

This isn’t the first time Williams has called out Fox News. This past summer, he got into a heated feud with Bill O’Reilly over him backing out of a planned appearance on O’Reilly’s show, with Williams providing texts and emails to back up his claim that O’Reilly pulled a bait-and-switch on him about the interview’s purpose.

Earlier this month, he ripped into the network for using the Chicago torture video case to play into “their viewers’ inherent racism.”

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