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Israeli PM Netanyahu Slams NYT For Printing Palestinian Murderer’s Op-Ed


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hammered the New York Times on Tuesday after they “recanted” for their printing of an op-ed Monday from prominent Fatah official and convicted murderer Marwan Barghouti.

The Times of Israel spotlighted Netanyahu’s remarks in a Tuesday item. The Israeli leader replied to the opinion piece from Barghouti during a visit to the city of Dimona.

“I read, on Sunday, the article in the New York Times that presents arch-terrorist Marwan Barghouti as a ‘parliamentarian and leader,'” Netanyahu disclosed. He added, “Calling Barghouti a leader and parliamentarian is like calling [Syrian President Bashar] Assad a pediatrician.”

The newspaper noted that someone in the audience replied that Assad was actually educated as an ophthalmologist.

Netanyahu continued that “[the New York Times] retracted it because we pointed [the error] out to them.” In fact, the paper of record did not retract the piece, but added an editor’s note.

The Israeli prime minister added, “The [jailed individuals] are murderers and terrorists. We will never lose our sense of clarity because we are on the side of justice and they are on the side that is neither just nor moral.”

Netanyahu also repeated his anti-New York Times remarks in a series of Twitter posts on Tuesday.

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