Ocasio-Cortez Gives Brutally Awkward Explanation of ‘Occupied’ Palestine

Giuliani Said He Saw Kushner’s Secret Middle East Peace Deal. He Didn’t.

Raj Shah: Hamas to Blame for Gaza Violence, ‘A Gruesome, Unfortunate Propaganda Attempt’

Dozens of Palestinians Killed in Violent Clashes Along Gaza Strip

Trump: Israeli-Palestinian Deal ‘Will Never Happen After This’, But Countries ‘Not Looking to Make Peace’

Trump Threatens Aid to Palestine in Davos Talk With Netanyahu: ‘The Money is On the Table’

Guatemala Sides With Trump by Moving Embassy to Jerusalem

‘Not Gonna Happen’: Marco Rubio Says Trump’s Israel-Palestine Peace Efforts Unlikely to Succeed

Marc Lamont Hill Defends Blasting Trump’s ‘Offensive’ Critique of Palestinian ‘Hatred’

WATCH: President Trump, Palestinian Leader Abbas Give Joint Statement

NYT Comes Clean in Omitting Palestinian’s Murderous Past But Does Not Apologize

Israeli PM Netanyahu Slams NYT For Printing Palestinian Murderer’s Op-Ed

Largest Palestinian Newspaper at Risk of Being Banned After Interviewing Israeli Politician

Israel Freezes Entry Permits For Palestinians Following Deadly Tel Aviv Attacks

Sanders: America Cannot Be ‘One-Sided’ in Israel, Palestinians Must Be Given ‘Respect and Dignity’

Jean-Claude Van Damme Scrubs Facebook After Accidentally Posting Pro-Israel Comment

Israeli Stabbing Victim Pulls Knife Out of His Own Neck, Kills Terrorist With It

Retired Researcher Won’t Answer Israeli Girl’s Question Until There’s Justice in Palestine

Netanyahu Clarifies Comment Blaming Palestinian for Holocaust: Not ‘Absolving’ Hitler

JK Rowling Uses Albus Dumbledore to Explain the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

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