comScore Joe Scarborough Lays Into Stephen Miller’s Latest Cable News Appearance: ‘He Is So Bad on TV’

Joe Scarborough Lays Into Stephen Miller’s Latest Cable News Appearance: ‘He Is So Bad on TV’


MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough continued his anti-Stephen Miller tour Thursday.

During an infamous round of Sunday show appearances two weeks ago, White House adviser Stephen Miller stepped firmly into the national spotlight as the newest spokesperson for the Trump administration, authoritatively saying, “The powers of the president to protect our country are very substantial and will not be questioned.”

Scarborough, at the time, casually slammed Miller’s head-scratching appearances as “horrendous.”

This week, Miller made his grand return to cable news, now in the form of a Fox News interview with Martha MacCallum, who pressed the Trump aide on the revamped version of the president’s immigration executive order. After rolling the clip on Thursday’s Morning Joe, Scarborough again pulled no punches: “He is so bad on TV.”

“Willie, why do you let him on TV?” Scarborough continued, to cohost Willie Geist Thursday. “Seriously, it looks like he just got out of shop class in 11th grade and he went down to the principal’s office where they had a closed-circuit TV set,” he continued. “He’s bad. He’s just technically bad at it,” the Morning Joe cohost continued to say about the 31-year-old Miller. “I thought Donald Trump cared about central casting, people who are good on TV, people who could communicate?”

“Everything is wrong,” he concluded.

As for the revamped version of the executive order — which Miller admitted to MacCallum would still result in the “same policy outcome for the country” — getting it passed courts given Miller’s admission might not be so easy.

“Being petulant about it is not the way to do it,” offered Geist. Despite Scarborough’s newest round of harsh criticism, the Morning Joe host did offer a roundabout defense of Miller in the argument of being a “shunned” conservative on a liberal college campus, the background that likely shaped Miller’s heated rhetoric.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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