Joe Scarborough Slams Dems After Ossoff Disaster: ‘The Time for Moral Victories is Over’


Joe Scarborough returned to Morning Joe Wednesday to lace into Jon Ossoff, protesting liberals and the Democratic party. The boyish Democratic candidate was soundly defeated by Republican challenger Karen Handel in Georgia’s special congressional election last night.

The morning host currently recovering from laryngitis was in a fighting mood and had no intention of allowing the moment to pass without his perspective added to the mix.

“This should be a wake-up call for the Democratic party who has been doing nothing but losing since 2010 in these legislative races,” he said in the show’s first hour. “And at some point, you know, I heard last night Ossoff say we started something great. No, you lost. At some point the time for moral victories is over and sometimes winning is just about winning. They need to learn from this and figure out how to win next year.”

Joe kept it in the guard rails however, still noting that “the smart money” was on Democrats taking back the House of Representatives in 2018.

The moment was only the sharpest of many long monologues from Scarborough about how Democrats needed to recruit better candidates that reflected their districts. Early in the show, Scarborough suggested that Ossoff looked like he could have been an extra on the Warren Beatty film “Reds.” Joe and Mika also took some time to slam activists and protestors, arguing that liberal preaching to the choir was an ineffective way to win votes.

Ossoff’s loss makes the Democrats 0 for 5 in special congressional races since Trump’s election last year.

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