Trump Tweets Advice For Democrats After Jon Ossoff Disaster

Troll in Chief Donald Trump isn’t done gloating about the results of last night’s special congressional election in Georgia.

After Republican Karen Handel triumphed over Democrat Jon Ossoff, the President took to Twitter early Wednesday morning to tweet some well-meaning advice to his liberal friends, suggesting that they “get together” with Republicans to push his legislative agenda.

Now, without being able to read Donald Trump’s mind — we have a feeling this wasn’t offered in exactly the best faith.

It goes without saying that Democrats probably won’t take him up on the offer.

Trump, along with Republicans nationwide, exulted last night after Handel managed to hold on to the traditionally Republican seat. Trump, of course, provided live bleacher cheering from the West Wing.

Trump backed Handel on Twitter and elsewhere repeatedly during her long quest to victory.

For Democrats, the night was an unmitigated disaster. The efforts to push Ossoff to victory was the most expensive in House history. On Morning Joe Scarborough was brutal, slamming the “moral victories” of perennially protesting liberals.

[image via screengrab]

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