Jon Stewart Tells Fox News To “Go F*ck Yourselves”

Last night Jon Stewart made yet another powerful critique of the clear, consistent (and many would argue, powerful) double-standard of hyperbole and generalization made by Fox News opinion-makers. Pegged to a recent NY Times report on the demographics of Tea Partiers, Stewart compared the criticism of oversimplified stereotypes on Fox News with the oversimplified stereotypes made by Fox News pundits and hosts in what is truly a powerful critique of the dominant cable news channel.

The segment opens with a few examples of Fox News pundits discussing media coverage, most notably Bernie Goldberg, who correctly points out the dangers of generalization in punditry. This then is followed by a dizzying set of examples of numerous broadcast personalities on FNC, doing the very same thing that had just been cited as unfair. The time honored axiom of “do as I say, not as I do” comes to mind.

The fact that he describes The Daily Show as a “fake news program,” gives Stewart some liberties, or in this instance, an opportunity to bail in a funny, yet puerile way, by just telling those in power at Fox News to “go f*ck yourselves!” It works as nice punctuation to the frustratingly funny segment, and you can’t blame him for growing weary of making the same repeated point, week after week.

(Update 04/18/10) Here Is The Fox News Promo Going After Jon Stewart:

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