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Josh Duggar’s ‘Shocked’ and ‘Furious’ Family Members Hope He is ‘Broken’ While In Rehab

josh duggarJosh Duggar has certainly opened up the old wounds for his family after his infidelity and porn addiction was exposed along with his Ashley Madison account. Duggar checked himself into rehab this week after admitting his hypocrisy, and family members of the 19 Kids and Counting star had some tough words about his behavior.

Entertainment Tonight received word from members of Duggar’s family who wouldn’t give their names, but shared a general consensus of fury with Duggar, and hope that he will be “broken” in rehab.

“We are all shocked and broken and furious,” one family member said. They continued to cite an inability to reconcile Duggar’s behavior with the man they knew, acknowledging that he has cast his family into a negative spotlight once again:

“Josh’s integrity is gone. It’s scary. You never know who can have a double life. You really think you know someone. Josh was caught with his hand in the cookie jar and I hope he gets broken in rehab and gets the help he needs. I hope Anna finds the strength to make some changes.”

A second family member also gave a statement, thanking fans and family friends for their support as they pray for Duggar during his treatment. “My heart is broken over this. I hope and pray Josh gets the help he needs,” they said. “I believe he is getting that help. We had no idea about any of this.”

This is not the only roasting Duggar got from his family this week. Brother-in-law Daniel Keller previously took to Facebook to blast Duggar’s insincere repentances, promising that he “won’t stop trying to get that pig out of our family.”

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