Katy Tur on Fact-Checking Trump’s Lies: ‘He Was Slippery Like a Snake’


NBC’s Katy Tur gave an interview where she went in depth about her experiences as her network’s Trump campaign correspondent for the 2016 election.

Tur sat down The Guardian‘s Molly Redden for a broad-range interview about her memoirs on what it was like to witness the unconventional politics of the last two years. Redden began by asking Tur about what she faced when she had to fact-check Trump on a regular basis.

“I have never interviewed somebody who tells a falsity every three sentences,” said Tur. “He was slippery like a snake, and he likes to talk over you and not answer the questions that you’ve asked. So you just get louder, you push back, you do whatever you have to do.”

Tur also spoke about how Trump became increasingly harsh with her as the mogul continued to go on anti-media screeds throughout his rise to the presidency. She especially noted that Trump would compliment and try to charm her at certain times, but would switch at other moments and personally vilify her in the middle of his rallies.

“He kissed me on the cheek at a Morning Joe appearance and told everyone how wonderful I was, I was so great he had to kiss me, he said this on air. I don’t know if he saw that there would be anything wrong with that, or if he did, he certainly didn’t care.”

Tur went on to talk about Trump’s cravings for “unfailing praise” and media adulation. She also said people were “deluding themselves” if they thought being president would change Trump, and it remains to be seen whether future voters will condone his behavior, triumphs, and failures.

Watch above, via The Guardian.

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