Katy Tur

Katy Tur on Fact-Checking Trump’s Lies: ‘He Was Slippery Like a Snake’

Democratic Rep. Defends Pelosi from Leadership Criticisms: ‘Reflects the Sexism’ That Still Exists

Katy Tur Describes Unwanted Kiss From Donald Trump: ‘My Body Freezes. My Heart Stops’

Trump Appears to Mock MSNBC’s Katy Tur: People Write Books When ‘They Know Nothing About Me’

Katy Tur: How Do Democrats ‘Justify Working with’ Trump After Slamming Him So Much?

MSNBC’s Katy Tur: How Much Credibility Does Trump’s Unity Message Have Left?

Katy Tur: No Matter What GOP Wants, Trump ‘Will Always Favor Hearing the Roar of the Crowd’

Pastor Defends Trump’s Charlottesville Comments: ‘Some of His Best Friends Are Jewish’

Katy Tur Notes Trump’s Teleprompter Use in Speech: He Could Not ‘Speak From the Heart’

Kris Kobach on Whether Hillary Clinton Won Popular Vote: ‘We May Never Know’

Katy Tur Grills Fmr. Trump Aide Sam Nunberg: ‘What is the Deal With This Campaign and Russia?’

‘This Is Not Your Show, Sir!’ Katy Tur and Ken Blackwell Engage in Combative Exchange

Terry McAuliffe Hedges When Asked to Name a Democratic Party Leader

Katy Tur to Dem Pushing for Commission on the President’s Fitness: Is This ‘A Good Use of Time’?

Katy Tur Absolutely Destroys Huckabee Sanders Over Her Defense of ‘Facelift’ Tweet: ‘Appalling’

MSNBC’s Katy Tur: ‘Does Anything [Trump] Says Matter? And I Think the Answer Is No’

Russia Probe is Apparently So Bad Trump’s Lawyer Is Hiring A Lawyer

Zoey Tur Slams Daughter Katy Tur for Being ‘Transphobic’ in Blistering Facebook Post

NY Times Changes ‘Tougher Than She Looks’ Headline on Katy Tur Profile Following Criticism

Katy Tur to Democratic Sen.: Was the Singing Taunt from Democrats After Healthcare Vote Appropriate?

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