Kellyanne Conway Insists Someone Is ‘Lined Up’ to Perform at Inauguration, But Won’t Say Who


I’m likely to file this one under the “dubious” pile, but Kellyanne Conway — the former campaign manager turned aide who was just announced Thursday morning as Donald Trump‘s new Counselor to the President — insists that someone is lined up to perform at January’s Inauguration.

On Tuesday, Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli backed out of doing the performance slated for January 20th after being put under extreme pressure from his fan base for previously accepting. Page Six reported earlier this week, “Bocelli said there was no way he’d take the gig… he was ‘getting too much heat’ and he said no.”

Despite the fact that with under a month to go there is no big-name star willing to perform at Trump swearing in, Conway insisted Thursday morning on GMA that someone is planned.

ABC’s David Muir asked Conway at the end of her interview about the Bocelli news, furthering, “Can you give us anyone on the list?”

“I won’t,” replied Conway, “but I can tell you that this is not the Academy Awards, it’s the Inauguration for the people, the way that it’s been the election for the people.”

“Anyone lined up yet?” asked Muir.

“Uh, yes,” replied Conway with a nervous laugh.

She continued and clarified, “No one put me in charge of the entertainment. I’m a little bit too geeky for that.”

The national anthem for the January event will be sung by 16-year-old Jackie Evancho, though the campaign has yet to confirm any major stars willing to turn out to DC that day. Previous Inauguration performances have included Frank Sinatra, Barbra Streisand, and Aretha Franklin.

Watch above via ABC.

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