Mueller Team Reportedly Looking Into Donations to Trump Inauguration With Foreign Connections

Melania Trump Splits With Longtime Advisor After Scandal Involving $26 Million Inauguration Payday

Here We Go Again: Twitter Mocks Trump Over Awful Attendance at National Tree Lighting

‘I Wanted It Burned Into My Eyes’: Elizabeth Warren Tells Maher Why She Attended Trump Inauguration

The Anne Frank Center Wants an Apology From Tim Allen For Comparing Hollywood to 1930s Germany

‘They Did. It Wasn’t’: Bernie Burns Trump For Calling on His Voters to Hold ‘Biggest’ Rally ‘Of Them All’

‘This is About C*ck!’: Maher Slams Trump On His Obsession With Crowd Size

CNN Hits Back at Donald Trump After He Praises Fox News for Its Inauguration Ratings

Sean Spicer to Hannity: We Weren’t ‘Ignoring the Facts’ on Inauguration Crowds

Fox Anchor: ‘Anarchist Thugs’ Attacked Scott Baio, Kellyanne Conway Threw Punches at Inaugural Ball

‘I Genuinely Can’t Stop Thinking About This’: Twitter Reacts to Image of Trump Leaving Melania Behind…

‘Sure, It Was the Most Watched’: Sean Spicer Defends His Claim on Inauguration Audience

‘After Checking My Twitter Feed…’: Sean Spicer Opens Presser Joking About Controversy

Bakery Acknowledges it Copied Obama’s Inauguration Cake for Trump, Says It Will Donate Profits

David Axelrod: Who in the White House Can Tell Trump Not to Get So Off-Message?

‘Alternative Facts Are Not Facts, They’re Falsehoods!: Chuck Todd Battles Kellyanne Conway

Chris Wallace Grills Priebus: ‘How Does Arguing About Crowd Size’ Help the American People?

Spicer Uses First White House Presser to Blast Media Over ‘Shameful’ Reports on Crowd Sizes

In Response to Criticism, Photos of Inaugural Crowd Appear in White House Press Briefing Room

CIA Employees at Trump Speech Applaud When He Blasts Media

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