Limbaugh Goes After CNN, MSNBC Over Train Crash Coverage: They See ‘Opportunity’ to Slam the GOP

The news of the train carrying Republican congress members hitting a truck broke shortly before Rush Limbaugh‘s radio show today, and when he got on the air, he took the opportunity to swipe at the media.

One of his contentions is that “GOP train” is being used as shorthand as opposed to “train carrying GOP members”––the implication here that said shorthand is being used as a subtle way to blame the crash on Republicans or something––though he did say, “That’s an exaggeration, but this is going to be how this story is… positioned.”

“When you say ‘GOP train’ instead of ‘train carrying GOP members,'” he continued, “that means you can picture Paul Ryan as the conductor.”

And he wasn’t done yet:

“I know these people, folks. I know how they are. In the CNN newsroom and in the MSNBC newsroom, I know how they’re reacting to this. They see this as an opportunity to paint the Republicans in a heartless light. ‘A singular little dump truck, some guy that the Trump economy has bypassed, because if it hadn’t he wouldn’t be driving a dump truck. And it wasn’t just a train that wiped out his little dump truck, it was the GOP train.'”

Listen above, via The Rush Limbaugh Show.

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