Limbaugh Raves About ‘Uncanny’ Similarities Between His Comments and Trump’s: Like ‘Listening to Myself’


On Tuesday night, President Donald Trump delivered an address at a fundraiser for the National Republican Congressional Committee.

Rush Limbaugh thought the speech sounded, let’s just say, eerily familiar.

“Folks, please don’t misunderstand here,” Limbaugh said Wednesday on his radio show. “I’m not a permanent resident of egoville. But there’s certain things here I could not avoid concluding. I thought I was listening to myself. I mean, it’s uncanny. On certain elements of the speech I knew I was listening to myself.”

Limbaugh proceeded to play several recent cuts from his program, including this one from March 16:

Don’t tell me that we have conservative Democrats. There is no such animal, particularly today. How do they vote on Big Government? How do they vote on spending? How do they vote on all of these traditional things? How do they vote on abortion? I guarantee you that when the pedal meets the road, when the rubber meets the road, pedal hits the metal, these people are voting Democrat. They’re voting Pelosi. They are voting Schumer.

Trump, at Tuesday’s fundraiser, said this:

It doesn’t matter what Democrat candidates say on the campaign trail, because once Democrats get to Washington, they always do the same thing. They vote for the liberal Pelosi agenda, down the line, straight down the line every single time. They will never vote for us. They will never vote for what’s right. These days, there’s no such thing as a Blue Dog Democrat.

But Limbaugh was far from peeved at the president for poaching his act.

“It’s good, folks, that he’s saying this stuff,” Limbaugh said. “That he thinks this stuff. That he is figuring this stuff out and learning it.”

Listen above, via The Rush Limbaugh show.

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