Live TV Anchor Tasked With Drawing a Cannon. What Could Go Wrong? (Answer: Everything)

Live television is hard. Like, really hard. You’re constantly subject to a litany of tech issues and lions casually trying to eat babies and this case, even the occasional accidental penis that gets drawn during an otherwise totally normal segment.

As Kaci Aitchison of KSPQ in Seattle found out the hard way, sometimes it’s impossible to stop the live on-air giggles once they get going.

Aitchison local news station was doing a segment on an emerging Google technology known as “Quick Draw,” a predictive computer program that will guess what you’re drawing on-screen in real time. “You have to draw things on the screen very quickly and the computer guessed what it is!” said segment host Travis Mayfield, delightfully unaware of the impending doom.

After demonstrating a sample himself, Mayfield welcomed Aitchison to eagerly hop up to draw the on-screen prompt: cannon. And it turned into, well… definitely not a cannon.

Even the cameraman moved the camera side-to-side as if shaking his head in disbelief at the finished art project. The moment, according to Mayfield on his Facebook page, “will now forever be known as my favorite moment on live television ever….” Shout out to Scott Jones at FTV Live for spotting the great segment, which I dare you to sit through without laughing. Well done, Kaci.

[image via screengrab]

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