Lock Her Up? Double Standard for Conservative and Liberal Women Starts with Ivanka Trump

“Make America Great Again” might have been the official slogan of Donald Trump‘s 2016 presidential campaign, but the most oft-chanted line among his supporters was “Lock her up!” — a reference to the investigation of his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton‘s private email server as secretary of state.

The irony of Trump’s harping on and on about not electing someone who was under investigation is almost comical — Trump, himself, is currently under investigation for something far more serious: obstruction of justice, and all while accusations of corrupt financial dealings with foreign powers continue to circulate.

But President Trump is hardly the only one in his circle suspected of some serious wrongdoing. A Wednesday report by Bloomberg suggests that the president’s own children — Donald Trump, Jr. and Ivanka Trump — may have coined shady real estate deals that established the president’s ties to suspected Russian money launderers of Bayrock Group.

The report looked closely at Ivanka and Donald, Jr.’s relationship with former Bayrock employee ‘LL, a mob informant and felon with supposed ties to Russian intelligence.

According to the report, Bayrock partnered with Trump and his two eldest children on a series of real estate transactions between 2002 and 2011 Trump Soho hotel and condominium. Sater and another Bayrock employee conducted business with the Trump family on behalf of a Kazakhstan native and former Soviet official based in Turkey with a $10 million investment in Trump’s businesses.

The main point of the report, however, is that Trump may have committed financial fraud if he knowingly conducted real estate deals with a convicted felon, which Sater was when he began working with the future president.

And based on Bloomberg’s reporting, Ivanka and Donald Trump Jr. could face legal jeopardy as well if it’s found that they conducted business with Sater.

The silence among Trump supporters, once so very vocal in their impassioned “Lock her up!” chants, is deafening. Much is made of double standards for liberal and conservative women — why aren’t conservative women, as they busily plot to remove access to women’s health care, celebrated as feminists? Why aren’t their victories and achievements hailed as victories for all women?

While the right continues to puzzle over this, perhaps they should look to their own behavior for double standards.

If the report is to be believed, Ivanka is shrouded in her own legal troubles right now — not to mention her shady use of her father’s position to leverage her brand and make business deals. But her father’s supporters don’t call for her to be punished, to be “locked up.”

President Trump’s campaign trail rally cry of locking Clinton, the first female presidential nominee of a major party (and, the first female presidential candidate to win the popular vote, might I add) reflected a gendered power dynamic that served to humiliate and attack women who appear to threaten men’s power. And as silence among Trump supporters in the face of new legal troubles Ivanka faces, indicate, this line of public-shaming and punishment is aimed at progressive women who fight patriarchal constructs and powerful men — not the daughters of said powerful men.

The double standards could hardly be more blatant.

This is an opinion piece. The views expressed in this article are those of just the author.

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