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Shocker: the Trump Administration is the Most Male-Dominated in Recent History

Graham-Cassidy Health Care Bill Shows GOP Mainstream is as Anti-Woman as Trump

Does Elizabeth Warren Have an Obligation to Fight for Women’s Rights?

NYT’s Epic Correction of Blurred Lines Book Review Highlights Problems with Campus Sexual Assault Dialogue

Anthony Weiner’s Lawyers Blame Everything on Teenage Girl

Nancy Pelosi in Meeting With Trump: ‘Are Women Allowed to Speak Here?’

College Textbook Includes Brock Turner’s Face in Definition of Rape

Hope Hicks’ Appointment as Comms Director Helps Hope Hicks — Not Women

Bernie Sanders’ ‘Healthcare for All’ Bill is a Victory for Abortion Rights

Huh. Turns out Tomi Lahren’s Great Great-Grandfather Was What She Would Call an ‘Illegal’

Kellyanne Conway: I Had to ‘Think Like a Man’ and ‘Behave Like a Lady’ to Succeed in the GOP

If Paul Ryan Thinks Trump is ‘Disgusted By White Supremacists’ He Hasn’t Been Paying Attention

Texas Abortion Provider to Offer Cost-Free Abortions Post-Harvey

Betsy DeVos Expected to Announce Roll Back on Title IX

Obama’s Response to DACA Repeal Highlights the Intersection of Politics and Human Decency

Why Hillary Clinton is Right About Bernie Supporters and Sexism

Does National Review Know What ‘Pro-Choice’ Means?

Prospective 2020 Candidate Kamala Harris Offers Olive Branch to Bernie Bros: ‘Health Care is a Right’

Ivanka Trump’s Support for End of Obama-Era Equal Pay Policy Exposes Her Faux Feminism

Georgia State GOP Rep. Warns Black Attorney She’ll ‘Go Missing’ If She Removes Confederate Monument

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