Ivanka Trump

Ivanka Trump Weighs in on Roy Moore: ‘Special Place in Hell for People Who Prey on Children’

MSNBC’s Ruhle Slams Ivanka for Not Speaking Out More on Sexual Harassment: ‘Now Is Your Moment’

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Blames Media for ‘Attacking’ Ivanka Trump: ‘It’s Very Shameful’

Ivanka and Don Jr. Reportedly Avoided Felony Fraud Charges After Lawyer Donated to District Attorney

Kushner Compared to ‘Fredo’ in Scathing Vanity Fair Piece on His Family Drama and Failed Career

Ivanka Trump on Criticizing Father: ‘When You’re Part of a Team, You’re Part of a Team’

Hillary Slams Ivanka for White House Advising Work: ‘[She] Should Be Judged and Held Accountable’

Trevor Noah Mocks Ivanka’s Oval Office Pop-Ins: ‘Door Flies Open and In Walks Pretty Kramer!’

CNN’s Kirsten Powers: Trump Thinks Ivanka is a ‘Prized Possession’ Who Impresses Everyone

Trump Brings Ivanka Up on Stage in North Dakota: ‘She Actually Said, Daddy, Can I Go With You?’

Republicans Reportedly ‘Annoyed’ When Ivanka Stepped Into Trump Meeting with Congressional Leaders

Ivanka Trump’s Support for End of Obama-Era Equal Pay Policy Exposes Her Faux Feminism

Beltway Insiders Bash Jared and Ivanka in New Report: ‘They Do Not Grasp Their Essential Irrelevance’

Bannon Vs Ivanka? Breitbart Suggests Ivanka is to Blame for Bannon’s Ouster

‘We Must Continue to Come Together’: Ivanka Trump Praises Peaceful Free Speech Marchers

Ivanka Trump’s Silence on Her Father’s Charlottesville Statements is Deafening

Ivanka: ‘Should Be No Place in Society for Racism, White Supremacy and Neo-Nazis’

Indian Diplomat Compares Ivanka Trump to ‘Half-Wit Saudi Prince’

Jared and Ivanka’s Trusted White House PR Hound is a Hillary Clinton Donor

Joe Scarborough: Best Thing Jared and Ivanka Could Do for Country Is ‘Move Back to New York’

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