Ivanka Trump

Jared Kushner Reportedly Used Encrypted Messaging Service WhatsApp For Official Government Business on Regular Basis

Author of Kushner Inc.: Ivanka and Jared Are ‘Worse Than Enablers’ For Trump

WATCH: Trump Conspicuously Refuses to Answer Question About Jared and Ivanka Security Clearances

New Book Details How Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump Tried to Smear a Veteran Who Defied Him

New Book Reports Trump Directed John Kelly to Get Jared and Ivanka Out of the White House

Colbert Opens with Trump Handing Out Security Clearances to Fox Hosts and a Pringles Can

CNN’s Amanda Carpenter: If Ivanka Didn’t Get Clearance Through a Vetted Process, ‘She Should Surrender It’

CNN Panel Goes Off on Ivanka Trump Clearance Report: GOP ‘Would Have Gone Bonkers’ If It Was Chelsea Clinton

Trump Reportedly Pressured John Kelly, Don McGahn to Approve Ivanka’s Security Clearance

Rep. Nadler Says Ivanka Trump Could ‘Quite Conceivably’ Be Added to Dem Probe

John Oliver Roasts Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner: You’ve Accomplished Nothing Based on ‘Merit’

MSNBC Guest Loses It Over ‘Massive National Security Risk’ in WH: ‘Indict Jared Kushner! Indict Ivanka Trump!’

The View Calls Out Ivanka Trump for Comments About Security Clearances: Caught in Her ‘First Public Lie’

Trevor Noah Calls BS on Ivanka Trump: ‘The Woman Whose Resume Just Says Daddy I Need a Job Now’

Ivanka Mocked for Claiming Americans Don’t Want Guaranteed Minimum Wage: ‘Mascot of Cloistered Nepotism’

WATCH: Ivanka Glares Icily as Angela Merkel Wrecks Trump For Saying US-Made BMWs May Be Security Threats

Ivanka Trump Tells ABC News She Has ‘Zero Concern’ About Robert Mueller Investigation

Lara Trump Says Ivanka Has Done ‘More for Women in This Country Than Almost Anyone Else’

Chris Christie’s New Political Tell-All About Trump’s Inner Circle is a Jared Kushner Bash-Fest

WATCH: Family Guy Teaser Clip Shows Trump Making Sexualized Comment to Ivanka

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