Maddow Praises Media For In-Depth Reporting on Russia Probe: ‘Thank You American Press Corps’

With more and more bombshell stories hitting the news cycle in recent days related to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian election interference and any potential collusion with the Trump campaign, MSNBC anchor Rachel Maddow took some time out at the end of her A-block to heap praise on American reporters and journalists.

After recapping all of the latest reports surrounding the probe and how it appears to really be ramping up, especially as it concerns former Trump campaign chief Paul Manafort, Maddow noted that the only reason we know as much as we do is due to the media.

“Thank you American press corps!” The MSNBC star exclaimed.

Highlighting that the public is aware of that investigators are all over Manafort’s foreign dealings and that the Mueller team wants to know why Trump hired him, Maddow then pleaded with her viewers to support their local media and press.

“Only reason we know any of this at all is America has great reporters and free press,” she said. “Today of all days, if you don’t subscribe to local paper, fix that.”

Watch the clip above, via MSNBC.

[image via screengrab]

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