Maher Takes on Liberals, Muslims and Hillary with Seinfeld on Comedians in Cars


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Following his robust defense of Jerry Seinfeld in the face of the “PC police,” Bill Maher is this week’s guest on Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. And the two comics went for a drive in a vintage VW bug police car.

Below are some highlights from their conversation.

Seinfeld on why he picked a silly police car for Maher:

“You’re a person who appears to have quite a bit of authority, but in reality has no power whatsoever.”

Maher on whether he will ever leave his show:

“I can’t imagine a better job. It is the hardest job in television.”

Maher on what can only be understood as Bill O’Reilly:

“Everybody says, ‘I’m in the no bullshit zone and I’m no spinning’… That’s not gutsy. Gutsy is to tell your adoring fans what they don’t want to hear, because it’s the truth.”

Maher on liberal comedians:

“It’s a little different with political comedians, because they stay within whatever the liberal doctrine is. They are not going to upset their audience about that.”

Maher on criticizing Islam:

“They used to boo me because I’m the one standing up for equal rights for women and free speech and respect for minorities, free and fair elections. It’s not my fault that these are qualities that are more lacking in the Muslim world than any other culture. But liberals saw this for years as an attack on a minority. But the irony is that they were so tolerant, they were tolerating intolerance.”

Maher on Hillary Clinton:

“Hillary was inevitable in ’08. And then, somebody newer and younger came along and it happened to her, just like with her husband, somebody newer and younger came along. This poor woman, it keeps happening to her.”

Maher on politicians who think they’re funny:

“Politicians are generally very unfunny. And egomaniacs. I’m sorry I can’t be more helpful in this situation and force a fake laugh, but what you just said was so unfunny that it would really hurt my reputation if they saw me laughing at what you just said.”

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