Major News Outlets Trafficking In Casey Anthony Trial With ‘Live Stream Coverage’


We’re entering the heart of the summer and that means, for the most part, quick news stories are drying up fast. How slow has the news been? Well, yesterday, a bunch of blogs were eagerly touting a video of a news anchor laughing about farts…that was recorded three years ago! (Don’t think I’m acting superior either. I had my own draft of that story half written up till I got distracted by something else) Fortunately, there’s been one saving grace. You guessed it! A classic tabloid tragedy!

So, how are news outlets desperately using Casey Anthony’s murder trial for sustenance this week?

Live streams! Yay!

Just a few weeks ago, I was writing about how disturbing it was that people wanted to go watch a mother’s trial for murdering her daughter live. Clearly, I’m in the minority. Murder trials are fun! Unfortunately, not everyone can make it to Florida to watch the lives get ruined in person. That’s what all the live feeds are for.

How desperate is the media for that sweet, sweet little, toddler tragedy traffic? Well, here’s all the places promoting live streams of the trial:

And plenty, plenty more. Including…

Um…oops. Though maybe we’ll write that off as “research” for this story?

Yep, apparently this case is keeping the entire news industry alive right now. Don’t believe me? If that weren’t the case, then why would Fox 35 in Orlando have gone to the trouble to buy Why would WKMG be airing trial coverage when there isn’t any trial? Why are major news outlets paying so much for interviews?

If all of that doesn’t make you feel sad for humanity, then I don’t know what to say.

Maybe this will:

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