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Mark Zuckerberg “Freaked Out” And Ran Away From Geraldo Rivera

Will Geraldo Rivera be the antagonist of The Social Network 2?

Rivera told the story of his face-to-face meeting with Mark Zuckerberg, and revealed how the 26-year-old billionaire “absolutely freaked out” for some reason.

Rivera had David Kirkpatrick as a guest to talk about his book, The Facebook Effect to talk about how true the movie actually was – 40% was his percentage. Then, Geraldo brought in his own story. Apparently he attended the press conference when Zuckerberg announced the 100 million dollar donation to the Newark public school system. He asked a question, and Zuckerberg gave a “very forthcoming and sincere” answer. But then he was invited backstage by Mayor Cory Booker, and things got weird.

He absolutely freaked out when he saw me. I thought he was going to jump into the arms of his handlers. I extended my hand to shake his hand and its the first time ever someone refused to shake my hand, and ran out of the room.

Kirkpatrick followed up, “He wouldn’t shake your hand?” “He refused to shake my hand and he ran out of the room,” said Geraldo. “He wouldn’t even look at me.”

So what’s up, Mark? If only Geraldo was on Facebook (he’s not), you could friend each other and make up.

Here’s the video, from Fox News:

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