Matt Schlapp Defends Himself After Posting Insane Tweet About George Soros and Anti-Semitism

American Conservative Union chair and cable news regular Matt Schlapp is defending an absolutely bonkers tweet he posted Thursday night pertaining to billionaire philanthropist George Soros and anti-Semitism.

The remark came in response to former Mitt Romney strategist Stuart Stevens — who slammed the GOP for invoking Soros in the same sentence as the word “globalist,” accusing the party of anti-Semitism.

Schlapp replied in truly bonkers fashion.

“George Soros is not hated bc he is Jewish it is because he is the architect of the destruction of western civilization,” Schlapp wrote.

The comment promptly drew heavy criticism, namely because Soros has long been the subject of anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, particularly in eastern Europe:

Schlapp stood behind his remark in a subsequent tweet.

“Jews are not destroying western civilization in fact Jews in America have contributed mightily to our character & culture. Soros is a cancer on human progress, west civ and American Constitutionalism. My guess is he would be doing the same damage if he were a Methodist,” he wrote.

Later, he exchanged with economist David Rothschild:

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