Matt Schlapp Offers Rock Solid Defense of Trump Committing a Felony: It’s Not Collusion!

American Conservative Union chairman Matt Schlapp leapt to Donald Trump‘s defense on Friday in response to the news surrounding the president and his former personal attorney.

Schlapp was the #OneLuckyGuy on Fox News’ Outnumbered, so he was front and center for the discussion on BuzzFeed’s report that Trump ordered Michael Cohen to lie to Congress about the timeline for the proposed construction of a Trump Tower Moscow. Melissa Francis and Harris Faulkner started things off by recalling BuzzFeed’s controversial publication of the Fusion GPS dossier, along with Anthony Cormier‘s admission to not personally seeing the evidence referenced in his report.

As the panel debated the report’s credibility, Schlapp declared (based apparently on his own intuition) that there will never be evidence of Trump’s wrongdoing because the president doesn’t text — he tweets.

“First of all, President Trump does not email or text. He tweets and he uses his phone. There will be no physical evidence for any of this. Number two, Michael Cohen was his lawyer. What Michael Cohen would be trying to get us to understand is that Donald Trump was Michael Cohen ‘lawyer. It was actually just the opposite, so that’s absurd. He is a convicted liar. He has perjured himself. He has already admitted to that.”

Jessica Tarlov countered that Cohen wasn’t one of Buzzfeed’s sources, even though Robert Mueller supposedly has documents and interviews from Trump Organization workers to corroborate the story. Later on, when Tarlov noted that the White House has declined to emphatically deny the story, Schlapp shot back with “None of it is collusion, none of it is illegal, this is absurd.”

From there, Tarlov and Schlapp embarked on a contentious exchange on whether Trump’s “no collusion” claim was blown out of the water amid the news developments of the last few days. This also involved questions of whether there’s room to impeach Trump based on what BuzzFeed’s report suggests.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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