Daily Caller Editor Fires Back at BuzzFeed’s Ben Smith For Leaked Email: ‘Misinformed Pile of Whiny Dogsh*t’

Journos Blast NY Times For Reassigning Ali Watkins: ‘Sucks That the NYT’ Shamed Their Own Reporter

Ivanka Trump Reportedly Connected Michael Cohen to a Russian Weightlifter With Ties to Putin

BuzzFeed Defends Reporter After Candace Owens Says They’re Working on ‘Hit Piece’ (UPDATED)

Michael Cohen Withdrawing Libel Lawsuit Against Buzzfeed Over Trump Dossier

Jared Kushner Reportedly Tried to Sell His Newspaper to Media Matters Founder David Brock

Florida School Shooter Reportedly Threatened and Physically Attacked Boy Who Dated His Ex

YouTuber Reportedly Warned FBI About Nikolas Cruz Comment in September: ‘Professional School Shooter’

Ex-Fox News Host Claims Roger Ailes Used Cameras to Spy on ‘Disrobed’ Female Employees

Pizzagater Jack Posobiec Claims Dating App Framed Him With Fake Profile in Feminist Plot

Ex-Trump Adviser Sebastian Gorka Reportedly Wanted on Gun Charges in Hungary

BuzzFeed’s Ben Smith Has No Regrets About Publishing Trump-Russia Dossier: ‘Unquestionably Real News’

Erik Prince is Reportedly Trying to Privatize Afghan War and Profit Off Country’s Resources

Peter Thiel, Who Helped Drive Gawker Out of Business, is Now Trying to Buy it

Buzzfeed Claps Back at John Conyers for Claiming He Never Knew About Harassment Accusations

Dem Rep. John Conyers Reportedly Sexually Harassed His Female Staff

Twitter Smells Something Fishy About That McMaster-Trump ‘Idiot’ Story (UPDATED)

Pro-Trump Twitter Account With Massive Clout Was Run by Russian Trolls

Here Are the Most Insane Details to Emerge From Buzzfeed’s Breitbart Blockbuster

Wounded Vet Whose Photo Trump Tweeted to Bash NFL Players is Sick of ‘Sycophantic Bullsh*t’

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