Bob Woodward Says He’s ‘Thankful’ He Doesn’t Have to Cover Trump-Russian Probe These Days

Philippe Reines: Don’t Confuse Buzzfeed ‘Making Some Kind of Mistake’ with a Larger Media Problem

Fox News’ Restraint on Buzzfeed Paid Off, and Should Be a Lesson to Other Outlets

Buzzfeed Stands By ‘All Of’ Cohen Bombshell: ‘Our Reporting Will Be Borne Out’

Indignant Giuliani Rages at ‘Scandalous’ Buzzfeed ‘Fake News’: Should Be ‘Sued’ and ‘Under Investigation’

SNL’s Weekend Update Skewers BuzzFeed as ‘Fake News’: Stick to Your ‘Memes and Lists’

Trump Rips BuzzFeed: ‘A Very Sad Day for Journalism, But a Great Day for Our Country!’

CNN’s Toobin on Statement from Mueller’s Office: ‘This Is a Bad Day for the News Media’

Giuliani Reacts to Statement from Mueller’s Office: The Press’ ‘Hysterical Desire to Destroy’ Trump Has Gone Too Far

BuzzFeed Stands By Trump-Cohen Report: Special Counsel Should ‘Make Clear What He’s Disputing’

Fox News’ Ed Henry Goes Off After Statement from Mueller Office: ‘Critics of the President Should Wake Up’

CNN’s Erin Burnett on Statement from Mueller’s Office: ‘It Sounds Pretty Terrible for BuzzFeed’

BREAKING: Mueller’s Office Disputes BuzzFeed Report Trump Told Cohen to Lie, Says Description ‘Not Accurate’

Preet Bharara Urges Caution on BuzzFeed Trump-Cohen Report: ‘The Stakes Are So High’

BuzzFeed Issues Statement Backing Jason Leopold After CNN Publishes Story Examining His Past Reporting

Chris Wallace on BuzzFeed Report: ‘Very Disturbing’ If True, But Take It With ‘A Giant Block of Salt’

Matt Schlapp Offers Rock Solid Defense of Trump Committing a Felony: It’s Not Collusion!

Buzzfeed Reporter Smacks Down Chatter Cohen Was His Source on Trump Story: That’s ‘F*cking Bullsh*t’

Newt Gingrich Trashes Buzzfeed Following Trump-Cohen Shocker: Equivalent of a ‘Grocery Store’ Tabloid

AG Nominee Barr Was Asked if President Suborning Perjury Would Be Obstruction of Justice. Watch His Response.

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